Hi! I teach English at a Japanese High School, no biggie ;)

Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any Japan related questions or just for shits and giggles! My life is constantly changing and for the next few years I plan to stay in Japan and travel around the world as much as possible. I studied in San Francisco for my undergrad as an Asian American Studies major. Ethnic Studies has always interested me. I have always felt that the American public school system has blatantly "forgotten" to add the histories of minority groups in our nation. I may have been the only seemingly white Jewish girl in my major but I held my classes dear and learned so much even if for the most part many of my classmates saw me as an outsider.

I now live in a place where I am the outsider. I have been experiencing the blatant segregation and racism that this country holds, and for some reason everyone wants to believe it doesn't exist. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

I have many goals in life but in general I want write and research about how the media has effected globalization, how the media shapes views on minority groups, how the media has changed standards of beauty, or how we as a people are uniting but also hating. It's hard to narrow it down.

I hope to attend either Waseda University or Tokyo University for graduate school where

I can propose my work and hopefully pull a few books out of my ass. I would love to research and write for the rest of my life if possible. That may come in tow with becoming a professor.

I hold high standards for myself. I like to learn as much as possible and I absolutely love reading. I'm taking a whirl at Japanese and once I feel comfortable I hope to move on to Chinese or maybe Thai. I'm a pretty chill little lady, so say hi every now and then :)

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